Sarah Baber

Licensed Agent Boise Insurance Guy
Co-founder + COO BIG Kindness Project

Sarah Baber

Sarah has recently discovered her passion in serving the people of the community by helping to educate and properly cover individuals regarding all of their insurance needs.

She has been in the sales and service industry for 10+ years. Her background includes management, sales, and marketing in several different industries including retail, construction, service, and now insurance. She is passionate about understanding how things work and making sure she is doing all she can to help the consumer to feel educated, safe, and like they are a part of the Boise Insurance Guy family.

In her free time she enjoys watching documentaries while spending time with her dog and fiance, painting, knitting, and going to concerts. She is grateful and happy to be a part of the Boise Insurance Guy office!

Big Kindness Project Logo

My mother always told me that good things come to those who are least expecting them.. My father always told me that hard work is the most rewarding type in your lifetime. Both of these bits of wisdom ring true in my ears. The BIG Kindness Project was unexpected but so very welcomed.
Danny and I were in a meeting one afternoon discussing our events and what we could “give out or give away?” That quickly turned into “What can we give back?” We began discussing the changes in our community and the trials we have all been going through together as one large group. We identified a need. That need is Kindness.

As soon as our thoughts came together my heart was full. I feel as though this is my calling in life. I want to give back. I want to see people continue to be kind to one another in times where we are all grasping at straws. There are so many ways to spend money. Pens, notepads, and business cards often make it directly in to the trash whereas donations continue to make an impact indefinitely. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to continue to do what I can to give back to our community!

canine companions logo

The Treasure Valley Idaho Chapter consists of enthusiastic volunteers, puppy raisers and graduate teams from Southwest Idaho. Our mission is to support Canine Companions through fundraising and community awareness.
If you’re looking for deeper engagement as a Canine Companions volunteer, we encourage you to get involved with our chapter. The Treasure Valley Idaho Volunteer Chapter is an extension of the Northwest Regional Training Center. We work to raise awareness, recruit new puppy raisers and volunteers and support one another’s work on behalf of the Canine Companions’ mission.

We are a lively network filled with opportunities for social engagement, from puppy classes to fundraisers. Beyond the satisfaction of doing good work for Canine Companions, lifelong friendships are often formed among chapter members. If you are interested in working with our chapter, contact us. We’d love to meet you!