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By attending our events to get one of our Kindness Challenge scratch tickets or by using the random Kindness Generator on our web page, you will be challenged to complete a random act of kindness in order to brighten someone else’s day. We believe that completing these challenges will help to start a ‘Pay It Forward’ attitude in Idaho creating a kindness snowball effect.

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Thus our motto:

Making Idaho a kinder place, one interaction at a time.

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Here at BIG Kindness Project we value each experience where individuals are kind to one another. Our current events have been challenging and the community is seeing the effects of these challenges through negative interactions with one another. We would like to change this.We believe in working hard to enrich the community by challenging Idahoans to complete random acts of kindness and by supporting many charities already established in Idaho including our own.

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the Kindness Challenge

Once you have completed your Kindness Challenge you will need to log it as complete on our website. Upon completion a donation will be made to charity. Choose your challenge from the drop down and let us know how it went!

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